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Sometimes, we have to be a little but colder than we realy are
Sometimes a lie seems to be more reliable than the unwanted truth
Sometimes it's easier to fake a smile than to cry a 1000 tears
Sometimes we feel all alone when we are in a crowd of hundreds
Sometimes the silence is so painfully loud
Sometimes we scream and nobody hears
Sometimes we hear but we don't listen
Sometimes the one we love so deeply is the one we hate the most
Sometimes we have to take the wrong way to get to the right one
Sometimes losing is the only way to win
Sometimes giving up has more dignity than fightinguntil the bitter end
And sometimes we have to give away a part of ourselves to find out who we are
20.11.10 22:27


This world... such a beautiful place but just taken fpr granted.Don't they know that we just have this one? That this planet is something special. This is the mother of all able to kill everything. We hurt her, cut her, beat her, tie her, dug her... egoistical behaviour. But why? What did mother earth do that she is treated like that? She gave us life, she gave us foot.. wonderful places, speacial in every way. The high mountains of of Asia, the wild and grey noth sea, the silent baltic see, the powerful atlantic ocean, the great fields of europe, the canyons of America, the forrests of Brazil, the desserts of Africa... Don't they like to see the eagle flying hig in the sky- offering freedom and power? Don't they like the Wales in te ocean, jumping out of the water while the sun is gong down? Don't you like to smell the rain after a thunder and lighning and walk over the wet grass with bare feet? Don't you like to see the silent power of the polar lights?

Why do you want to destroy all these things, why?

17.6.10 19:51

Und nun?

Wir kennen alle das Gefühl- die Angst vor dem ersten Schritt. Eine Freundschaft, welche noch nicht an Tiefe gewonnen hat ist zu leicht zu verlieren. Ich will diese Freundschaft nicht verlieren, doch kann ich auch nicht nur bei dir sein- ich will mit dir sein. Dein sein. Was soll ich denn nun machen? Ich habe Angst vor deiner Reaktion, vor deinen Worten, vor der Ablehnung. Was soll ich tun? =(
17.6.10 19:43

To you

This goes out to the only one I ever truly loved. My feelings were so strong, I can't describe. You were perfect, sweet, nice. A gentleman in every way. You kissed so softly, so truly. The day I met you were the happiest of all. I can't deny that I'm addicted to you. I cried and cried since the day you left me. You ask me to stay friends. But how can a friendship like this work? I still love you. Don't you know? i realy would give my life for you- realy. You are more to me than just a guy. You are the one- my only one. I could never love again. Why did you left me? Why?

I never met somebody like  you. Someone who realy tooks my breath away. There's a magic and I became a slave of you. I will spend the rest of my life at the stations. Hoping that you'll come back one day. And if you don't- I'm sure we will meet in heaven, my angel.

15.5.10 19:21


Freundschaft – manchmal nur ein Wort

wechselt Zeit und wechselt Ort

Begleiter auf dem Lebenswegen

die manchmal auch dein Herz bewegen

Leiser Beschützer in der dunklen Nacht

Wenn selbst Geister schlafen- einer wacht

Füreinander auch wenn man am Boden liegt

Gebe mir die Hand- ich das du wieder fliegst

In all den Jahren- tapfer bis zum Schluss

Ist heute die Stunde in der du gehen musst?

Bleibe bei mir- gehe nicht, nein

Selbst der Tod kann nicht Richter unserer Freundschaft sein

13.5.10 14:15


She's a highclass Baby
on a stolen motorbike
ready to thrill and ready to fight

She's got brown eyes
wide open- angels size
this attitude and black tight jeans
Oh I'm sure you know what it means

They call her Frieda
just like the waves
the neverending ocean
made the hearts slaves
They call her Frieda

black boots and long brown hair
I'm addicted to you
but you don't care

they call her Frieda
just like the waves
the neverending ocean
made the hearts slaves
they call her Frieda

Cold blooded- ice in your vains
My heart- my soul- your chains
I want you so badly by now
life without you- Idon't know how
Princess of destiny
in my heart- I can't breath
Oh oh oh

they call her Frieda
just like the waves
the neverending ocean
made the hearts slaves
they call her Frieda

5.5.10 20:24


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