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To you

This goes out to the only one I ever truly loved. My feelings were so strong, I can't describe. You were perfect, sweet, nice. A gentleman in every way. You kissed so softly, so truly. The day I met you were the happiest of all. I can't deny that I'm addicted to you. I cried and cried since the day you left me. You ask me to stay friends. But how can a friendship like this work? I still love you. Don't you know? i realy would give my life for you- realy. You are more to me than just a guy. You are the one- my only one. I could never love again. Why did you left me? Why?

I never met somebody like  you. Someone who realy tooks my breath away. There's a magic and I became a slave of you. I will spend the rest of my life at the stations. Hoping that you'll come back one day. And if you don't- I'm sure we will meet in heaven, my angel.

15.5.10 19:21

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