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This world... such a beautiful place but just taken fpr granted.Don't they know that we just have this one? That this planet is something special. This is the mother of all able to kill everything. We hurt her, cut her, beat her, tie her, dug her... egoistical behaviour. But why? What did mother earth do that she is treated like that? She gave us life, she gave us foot.. wonderful places, speacial in every way. The high mountains of of Asia, the wild and grey noth sea, the silent baltic see, the powerful atlantic ocean, the great fields of europe, the canyons of America, the forrests of Brazil, the desserts of Africa... Don't they like to see the eagle flying hig in the sky- offering freedom and power? Don't they like the Wales in te ocean, jumping out of the water while the sun is gong down? Don't you like to smell the rain after a thunder and lighning and walk over the wet grass with bare feet? Don't you like to see the silent power of the polar lights?

Why do you want to destroy all these things, why?

17.6.10 19:51

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